Below you will find an overview of all the services we offer.

Our promise to you

No matter what area we may support you in, you can always rely on reliable quality when working with us. Our production times are usually only 1 -2 weeks. Technical advice in advance is a matter of course with us, even from the minimum quantity (just 1,000 kilos).

We buy our raw material internationally. Your orders will never fall by the wayside thanks to our 3 peeling machines, which can all produce the complete range of dimensions, as well as our raw material stock of over 10,000 tonnes. Therefore, we can continue to produce your material even in the event of a machine breakdown. We guarantee the highest possible security of supply.

And the quality? No goods leave our premises without first being tested in our own laboratory for chemical and mechanical values.

Because of this way of working we can promise you:

We are fast, flexible, thorough & reliable.

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In this process - as the name suggests - steel is "peeled". The top layer of the material is removed by machine. The individual bars are machined with a rotating tool. In this way, a smooth surface is obtained and any blemishes on the outer layer are removed (with a tolerance of up to h9).

For this process, we have 3 peeling machines (WDHV 75/40/40) at our disposal, each of which can peel the entire range of dimensions. We don’t just work with bright steel, but also with stainless steel, aluminium and special alloys. Ultimately, everything is checked with laser measuring technology.


Straightening polishing

Our 3 straightening polishing machines (WRP 50 and WRPT 80) guarantee the highest level of dimensional and surface roughness. Once material has undergone this step, nothing stands in the way of its highly efficient further processing.

On request, crack detection according to EN 10277 up to OGK 4 is possible, all of which can peel the entire dimensional range 15-80 mm.




Do you want to cut bars or tubes to the desired length? No problem. Our sawing systems are at your disposal.

The band saw centre (Behringer band saw 530)

Our all-rounder. This machine should not be missing in any production facility. The most diverse sawing tasks can be carried out effortlessly. Accurate and fast. For small quantities of single cuts, this machine is ideally suited.


- Min. material diameter: Ø 15.00 mm
- Max. material diameter: Ø 530.00 mm
- Length: 40 mm - 10,500 mm
- Bar length: 1,000 - 11,000 mm
- Tolerance: +/- 5 mm


Circular saw centre

Our company has three circular saws. The machines offer maximum rigidity of the saw blade. In combination with the guide blocks, any saw blade float is avoided. The cutting precision is thus many times higher.

Furthermore, this circular saw is closed to a loading and feed system. This allows us to cut your material even faster.

Machines: 75A / MAC 105 / DC 65


- Material diameter: Ø 10.00 mm - 105.00 mm

- Length: 40.00 mm - 6800.00 mm

- Bar length: 1,000.00 – 9,500.00 mm

- Tolerance: +/- 0.2 mm



Chamfering is the process of grinding off the sharp corners at the end of a metal bar. On the one hand, this ensures increased safety when handling the material and, on the other hand, the chamfered bars can be better guided in automatic lathes.

Chamfering: Plane on one or both sides 30°/60°.

Min. material diameter: Ø 20.00 mm
Max. material diameter: Ø 80.00 mm

Length of bars: 200 mm – 6,400 mm

Deburring is also possible.

ISO delivery programme

Delivery condition peeled, straightened and polished according to DIN EN 10278