About Us

What makes us what we are.

A passion for quality

We have been processing bright steel for our renowned customers for more than two decades. In all this time, we have grown year by year and become better and better at what we do. Even the turbulence during the financial crisis could not stop us. We came out of the difficult situation even stronger. Since 2010, Westfälisches Schäl und Blankstahlzentrum GmbH has been a 100% owner-managed family business. Our managing director, Mr. Eckmann, has dedicated his life to metallic materials.

He has been dealing with steel for more than 40 years – from melting to the finished product. All this experience flows into our company today. This fact, coupled with our uncompromising quality standards and our customer-centricity, is the foundation of our success. Mr Eckmann’s son-in-law, Konstantinos Kyranas, will continue his legacy. Thanks to regular investments in machinery and digitalization, we are excellently equipped for the future. When may we demonstrate our performance to you? 

Company history

Foundation of the company.
Moving to Iserlohn.
Restructuring as an owner-managed family business in Herdecke.
Purchase of the property in Herdecke. Previously we were tenants. 2015-2019
Approx. € 6.5 million investments in machinery and equipment for automation & quality assurance.
Founding of the southern sales office (Rottweil).

Our Team


Sebastian Richts


Stylianos Kyranas


Alisa Kamis


Ayhan Karcin

Your partner in bright steel

We do not see ourselves as suppliers, but as partners with our customers. For every problem, we will quickly find the right solution together. "Customer centricity" is our middle name.

TÜV Certificate